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Public should remain rational

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-04-01 07:20

A small number of netizens have vented their anger and even verbally abused some innocent Chinese Malaysian singers because of what they perceive as the Malaysian government's mishandling of the MH370 situation. This should not have happened, says an article in Beijing News. Excerpts:

It is understandable that the Chinese public have expressed their anger and protested against some of the actions of the Malaysian authorities, yet celebrities and public figures should avoid acting too emotionally, because influenced by their public online comments, the feelings of outrage are rising and even hurt Malaysian entertainers performing in China such as Fish Leong.

After the incident happened, many Malaysian people also criticized their government for its late and non-transparent release of information. But the anger at the Malaysian authorities should not be transferred to ordinary people, especially Chinese Malaysians who have stuck to and had the most feelings for Chinese traditions in Southeast Asia. Some Chinese netizens who blamed Chinese Malaysian singers such as Leong and Victor Wong have only presented their ignorance.

Meanwhile, celebrities and public figures should not act too emotionally and irresponsibly to stir up people's feelings. On the contrary, when social outrage is on the rise, the media and public figures should behave more calmly and rationally than ordinary people.

It is uncivilized and irrational for some Chinese to verbally attack those Malaysians and to call for a boycott of Malaysian products. Rationality should be a fundamental attribute of the public, and they need to keep calm and make rational judgments when a situation gets heated and different opinions spring up.

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