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Xi-Ma meeting brings historic opportunities

By Ma Chenguang ( Updated: 2015-12-08 08:38

Thirdly, the common aspiration of people across the Straits will be enhanced.

Currently, Taiwan's ruling party, the KMT, is now contending with the main opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for the general election next year, and the mainstream voice on the island is hoping to safeguard peace and the status quo across the Straits, commented Taipei-based Inventec Corp's senior vice-president Jonathan Yang, and whoever is the winner of the election next year, he or she cannot neglect the mainstream voice.

It is unrealistic for the DPP to change the status quo between Taiwan and the mainland, as promoting bilateral exchanges is a good thing. "When you want to cancel a good thing, people will say no," commented Shao Chi Chog.

It is the common aspiration of all Chinese on the mainland and in Taiwan, as well as compatriots around the world, to seek a stable and prosperous life. This is the general trend that the Chinese people are seeking to enhance, affirmed IT Chen, chairman of Taipei's Nando Technology Corporation.

And finally, better probes will be tapped to address conflicts and disputes.

Ma Ying-jeou declared that the conflict and confrontation between the two sides of the Straits no longer exist and both sides should resolve their disputes through peaceful means.

The Xi-Ma meeting shows that Chinese people across the Straits have the abilities and wisdom to solve their problems, and produced the best answer to how to address issues left over by history and to address conflicts and disputes.

The meeting also shows that on the basis of the one-China principle, the two sides are fully capable of promoting the peaceful development of cross-Straits relations through establishing and enhancing high-level communication and mutual trust.

The face-to-face meeting will do good for both sides of the Straits, for Asia and the whole world, bringing common prosperity to both sides, commented Wang Jin-pyng, head of the island's legislative body.

The Chinese have an old saying, "simply meeting helps to boost affinity." The meeting between Xi and Ma, and a dinner later in a "cordial and easy" atmosphere have enhanced the affinity among the Chinese compatriots, and the high-level communication and mutual trust in the future cannot be avoided.

Let's all hope for a brighter future for cross-Straits exchanges and cooperation, and an early national rejuvenation.

The author is chief of Anhui Bureau of China Daily.

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