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Pingnan ranks among national rural reform pilot zones


Pingnan county, in Fujian province, ranked among the 34 counties in the second batch of national rural reform pilot zones.

Pingnan village celebrates New Year


Officials from departments, including health, culture and family planning, in Pingnan, Fujian province, paid a visit to Jitou village on Jan 5.

Pingnan awards educational workers


Pingnan county, in Fujian province, granted 1.7 million yuan ($273,000) on Jan 4 to outstanding schools and teachers.

Fujian Party Chief calls for innovation by enterprises


It is a matter of "do or die" for Fujian's state-owned enterprises (SOE) when it comes to innovation and reform, said You Quan, Party Secretary of Fujian.

Fujian's fiscal revenue reached 383 billion yuan in 2014


Fiscal revenue surged by 11.6% to 382.8 billion yuan in 2014, Fujian Daily reported on Jan 16, citing official figures.

Shuangxi town pays medicare fees for farmers


The government of Shuangxi town, Pingnan county, Fujian province, distributed 56,070 yuan ($9,048) from a governmental fund to pay for rural cooperation medical treatment enjoyed by 623 local residents in one-child or two-girl families on Jan 6.

Local tax soared to 241 billion yuan in Fujian last year


Local taxation agencies in Fujian province reported accrued revenue of 241 billion yuan for 2014.

Fujian to spend 3 trillion yuan on 490 key projects


Fujian province has listed 490 key projects for 2015, with an accrued investment of up to 3 trillion yuan.