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Fujian FTZ s to woo talent


The 14-point plan is to provide comprehensive service and incentives concerning career startups, living and innovation.

'Free landing' of Taiwan residents on the mainland begins


Revised entry regulations announced last month mean Taiwan residents no longer have to apply for a visa-like entry permit for every visit.

Heat wave grips Fujian


Scorching weather has lingered in Fujian for days, pushing the high in most areas over 35 degrees Celsius, with the highest at 39 degrees.

Hefei-Fuzhou HSR roars into operation


The G2626 train whistled and slowly drove out of the Fuzhou Railway Station at 8:57 on Sunday, marking the inauguration of the Hefei-Fuzhou (Hefu in short) High-speed Railway (HSR).

Pingnan's new science museum to go public free


Pingnan's new science museum is expected to open to the public for free at the end of the year, as planned.

Ningde's consumer prices rise


The first five months of this year saw consumer prices in Ningde up 1.4 percent, compared with 2014, according to local bureau of statistics.