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Typhoon Soudelor sweeps through E China


Typhoon Soudelor is moving from southeast China's Fujian province to neighboring provinces on Sunday morning after it landed in the Chinese mainland.

Typhoon Soudelor lands on SE China's coastal province


Southeast Chinese province Fujian evacuated more than 160,000 people and 32,000 fishing boats in a bid to reduce damage to a minimum as typhoon Soudelor landed on the Chinese mainland Saturday night with strong gales and heavy rains.

Fujian on highest alert for super typhoon Soudelor


Fishermen take shelter from rain at a wharf in Putian city, Southeast China's Fujian province, Aug. 8, 2015. Fujian province on Saturday issued its highest typhoon alert as super typhoon Soudelor approaches Southeast China's coastal provinces. The typhoon landed near Hualien of Southeast China's Taiwan early Saturday morning.

Chinese coastal provinces brace for super typhoon Soudelor


Typhoon Soudelor battered Taiwan with fierce winds and rain, leaving at least six people dead as it left a trail of devastation in its wake before heading for Chinese mainland.

158,000 evacuated as typhoon approaches SE China


Southeast China is bracing for Typhoon Soudelor, with authorities ordering the evacuation of residents and ships back to port.

Typhoon Soudelor to land in Fujian on Saturday


Typhoon Soudelor is expected to land in coastal areas of Fujian province in the afternoon of August 8, meteorological authorities said on Friday, fjsen.com reported.

Nearly 5,000 evacuated as Typhoon Soudelor approaches E China


Nearly 5,000 people in east China's Fujian province have been evacuated as Typhoon Soudelor, the 13th this year, is expected to hit the province on Saturday.

China on yellow alert for Typhoon Soudelor


China's national observatory on Thursday issued a yellow alert for the approaching Typhoon Soudelor, which will bring gales and heavy rain to the country's coast in the coming days.

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