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Pingnan e-business park opens


Pingnan E-Business Park started operation on Dec 1, with a goal of forming an industry chain and creating a sound environment.

Home sweet home: Spring Festival train tickets go on sale


Railways began selling tickets on Thursday for trains scheduled to leave between Jan 24 to March 3, a 40-day period in China known as "Chunyun" when people travel back home to celebrate the Spring Festival, which falls on Feb 8 in 2016.

Eliminating poverty a tough challenge for govt


The central government opened a meeting on Friday morning to discuss how it can lift 70 million people out of poverty by the end of 2020.

Yu Weiguo named acting governor of Fujian


Yu Weiguo was appointed acting governor of east China's Fujian Province on Thursday.

Mobile phone use a danger in traffic


With the popularity of smart phones, the "heads-down group" is growing and becoming a danger to traffic safety.

Primary school teachers should get higher pay


Male students are unwilling to be teachers because the pay is rather low and so they prefer to study majors that promise better incomes.

Arts festival to charm Fujian


The sixth Fujian Arts Festival is scheduled to open in Fuzhou, Fujian province on Nov 23.

Fujian to be better heard


China Daily and Fujian Daily will jointly promote Fujian globally, according to a cooperation agreement signed in Fuzhou, Fujian province on Nov 23.