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Pingnan establishes edible mushroom association


The local authorities established the Pingnan Edible Mushroom Association in Pingnan county, Longyan city, Fujian province, on Jan 3.

Fujian’s ecology ranks first in China


Fujian’s ecology ranks first in China, according to two reports recently released by Sichuan University based on the study of all Chinese mainland provinces and capital cities.

Pingnan promotes tourism, sports and leisure industries


Provincial experts recently approved the Pingnan Sports Leisure Tourism Industry Development Plan.

Pingnan table tennis competition off to a hot start


Pingnan county played host to its fifth table tennis competition, Jan 4 – 5,to celebrate the new year.

Pingnan holds mountain climb race to celebrate New Year


More than 400 local residents participated in a mountain climbing race on Jan 4 to celebrate the New Year.

Pingnan holds New Year mountain climbing competition


Residents of Pingnan take part in a mountain climbing competition on Jan 1 to celebrate New Year 2014.

Pingnan seeks expert advice on arch bridges protection


Pingnan officials held a meeting with experts on Jan 3 concerning the protection of three bridges in the county which are seen as cultural relics.

Pingnan selected as provincial ecological county


Pingnan has passed the inspection of Fujian experts on its application of provincial ecological county on Dec 27.