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Fujian Poverty Relief Fund visits Pingnan


Chen Zengguang, head of Fujian’s Poverty Relief Fund, visited Pingnan on May 10, accompanied by Zhou Fenfang, Liu Dongming, Ni Chenchen and Lin Haizhu.

Wu Yunming visits Jixia Ancient Village


On May 9, Wu Yunming, leader of Pingnan county government, visited Jixia Ancient Village.

Fujian promotes free resorts for National Tourism Day


More than 60 scenic spots in Fujian will open for free on May 19, which is the fourth National Tourism Day.

Huizelong Wine services as practice base for students


Huizelong Wine Company was selected as a provincial social practice base for middle school students by the Fujian provincial government on May 7, pingnan.net reported.

Pingnan hosts campus science and technology contest


The opening ceremony of Pingnan’s Campus Science and Technology Contest was held on May 5.

Pingnan promotes reading among middle school students


Students from two middle schools recently compete with one another at a reading contest held by the Pingnan educational authorities.

Ningde leader visits Pingnan


Zheng Minsheng, chairman of the CPPCC Ningde committee, visited Pingnan on May 5 to inspect the county’s economic development and environmental protection.

Fujian to consolidate social security cards in NE regions


Social security cards will be consolidated in northeast Fujian province next year.