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Pingnan police officers teach students how to stay safe


Police officers in Lingxia village, Pingnan county, visited local middle and primary schools to teach students how to stay safe and avoid dangerous situations during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday.

Wishes of 31 migrant children come true


The Communist Youth League Committee held a ceremony at Pingnan Guanghua Primary School on Jan 9 which celebrated the fact that the wishes of 31 children of migrant workers had come true.

Pingnan focuses on safety during Spring Festival travel season


Pingnan’s County Commission for Discipline Inspection, the local police, and the department of transport have all been working together with the aim of ensuring the safety of travelers during this year’s Spring Festival travel season.

Endangered Oriental White Stork rescued in Pingnan


Residents of Luxia village, Pingnan county, Ningde recently found a large white bird which was later identified as an Oriental White Stork - classified as an endangered species by the World Society for the Protection of Animals.

Pingnan residents receive funds to cover medical treatment


Over the last three years, Pingnan county has participated in the distribution of 350,0000 yuan from the Fujian Red Cross to help cover the medical costs.

Pingnan product recognized as “famous Chinese brand”


The Pingnan Industrial and Commercial Bureau said that the State Industrial and Commercial Bureau conferred the title of “famous Chinese brand” to Fujian Huize Dragon Wine Co on Jan 14.

Publicity head of CPC Pingnan Committee talks about cultural industries


Pingnan boasts 56 cultural industry units and 1 key service industry, and they mainly concern tourist services at various sites and the manufacture of arts and crafts.

Minnan Marionettes


Marionettes - puppets controlled from above with wires or strings – also play a part in local traditional culture, as Quanzhou marionette drama originated in this city of southern Fujian during the Qin and Han dynasties.