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Fuzhou to link closer with Pingnan


A highway that links Pingnan and Gutian in Fujian province will shorten the trip between Fuzhou and Pingnan to one hour by the end of 2018.

First book about Pingnan's medicated diet hits shelves


Pingnan Medicated Diet, chiefly edited by Su Weibang, former deputy director of the Pingnan people's congress, was published recently. It is the first book recording Pingnan's traditional medicated diet.

Pingjiang opera: a traditional art facing chances and challenges


Pingnan, honored as "town of operas", even had opera troupes in 90 percent of its villages. Pingjiang opera is the one most related to the local life but it has a bleak future.

Pingnan: Gengmao Foundation gives 2.6 b yuan to help the poor


Gengmao Foundation, supported by Fujian Gengmao Group, granted subsidies of 146,000 yuan ($23,760) to 72 college students on Aug 22, in Pingnan county, Fujian province.

Watermelon festival opens in Baishuiyang


The second watermelon festival, sponsored by Fujian Baishuinongfu, was held from Aug 23-24 in Baishuiyang scenic spot, Pingnan county, Fujian province.

Pingnan boosts cultural tourism development


ZhengGuozhen,together with others, was invited to visit places in Pingnan county such as Qiansheng Bridge and Wan’an Bridge, on Aug 17.

Pingnan sees increased crop production


Pingnan county, in Fujian province, introduced three new corn species to interplant with cauliflowers, in order to improve soil condition, increase production and income and save production costs.

Volunteers offer service to Jitou


Volunteer students from six universities, carried out a three-week volunteer activity in Jitou village, Pingnan county, Fujian province starting on July 18.