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Pingnan launches “House of Love” Project


On June 11, the launching ceremony for the "House of Love" Project, with a theme of "Watch My Dream", was held at the No 4 Middle School of Pingnan county.

Wuping holds a fire fighting drill


A fire fighting drill, co-hosted by the county Tourism Administration, the county Fire Brigade and the Work Safety Supervision Bureau, officially kicked off on June 11.

Pingnan athletes win provincial awards


A total of 13 Pingnan athletes got eight gold medals and 11 silver medals in the 2012 Martial Arts Contest, which was held from May 31 to June 1.

Pingnan hosts square dancing competition


More than 300 residents recently took part in a square dancing competition, hosted by Changqiao’s county government.

Pingnan county supports college graduates starting in business


Pingnan county is strengthening the financial support for college graduates to start their own businesses with a total initiating fund of 1,000,000 yuan ($160,100), ndwww.cn reported.

Pingnan Family Planning Association helps poverty-stricken family


The household of Xie Zhifu with four family members from Niuping natural village, Shoushan town, Pingnan county has been living in a harsh poverty-stricken situation for a long time.

Pingnan strives to better serve locals


Pingnan county is introducing and comprehensively implementing three service systems at county and town levels.

Pingnan encourages graduates to start their own businesses


Pingnan county recently introduced Advice On Strengthening and Improving the Work On Supporting College Graduates’ Business-Startups.