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Pingnan officials work to solve locals’ problem


Pingnan officials recently handed out 10,000 questionnaires to ask for people's suggestions regarding the local government's administrative work.

Pingnan develops mushroom industry


With the support of the county government, the locals made a total revenue of 400 million yuan ($64.4 million) from mushroom planting in 2013.

Pingnan inspects health food


Pingnan Food and Drug Inspection Bureau began inspecting the health quality of food in Pingnan starting in late March.

Pingnan promotes microcredit finance to reduce poverty


Pingnan is promoting a microcredit finance scheme to reduce poverty, and its efforts are helping poor farmers increase their average revenues by 3000 yuan ($483), Ningde Net reported on March 6.

Baishuiyang Scenic Spot to get five-star hotel


A five-star hotel is under construction at Baishuiyang Scenic Spot, with a total investment of 300 million yuan ($48 million).

Pingnan works on fire prevention


The Fire Brigade in the county of Pingnan,Longyan city,Fujian province paid a visit to village governments from March 17 to 19.

Pingnan officials support villages’ development


Pingnan leaders visited Jitou, a national historical and cultural village in the county, and allocated a total of 4 million yuan ($643,600) to fund the construction of its infrastructure.

Shuangxi gets national historical village designation


The sixth batch of China's Historical and Cultural Counties (Villages) was recently announced by the Housing and Urban-rural Development Department and the National Antiques Bureau.