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Baishuiyang Scenic Spot to get five-star hotel

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2014-04-02

A five-star hotel is under construction at Baishuiyang Scenic Spot, with a total investment of 300 million yuan ($48 million). The hotel can accommodate over 1,000 people when it opens.

Baishuiyang Scenic Spot received a 5A scenic spot recognition in 2012, bringing an unprecedented opportunity for the tourism industry of Pingnan county. More than 2 million people visited the county in 2013, indicating that tourism has become a pillar of the county's economic development.

"Dining, living and shopping are three important aspects during travels. Despite the number of visitors to Baishuiyang Scenic Spot increasing in recent years, they usually stay in hotels outside of Pingnan because of a lack of local hotels," said Zhang Jifeng, leader of Pingnan’s Shuangxi village.

There were only 500 beds available in Shuangxi village. They are far from enough to accommodate all the tourists during peak season.

The hotel is only a part of the county's efforts to update its tourism facilities and promote the tourism industry. A tourists center of Shuangxi village is being planned and will take bids.

The center will include a Tourists Distribution Center, a shopping zone, and a parking lot big enough for 5,000 cars.The total investment is expected to be 350 million yuan. The county also is working to develop recreational tourism, rural tourism and promote local snacks, handicrafts and specialties.

By Wang Yifei and edited by Nelly Min