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Pingnan elderly students visit Jitou Gengdu Culture Expo Garden


More than 40 students of the Pingnan Seniors College visited the Jitou Gengdu Culture Expo Garden in the county on March 11 and learnt about Pingnan’s Gengdu culture.

Pingnan famers learn tea planting skills


Zhang learnt how to plant tea bushes by attending the lectures provided by the provincial government free of charge.

Self drive route to Baishuiyang Scenic Spot


North route A: Jiangshan (Zhenjiang province)–Fucheng–Yangyuan–Shuangxi–Baishuiyang Scenic Spot– Yiyang Scenic spot– Shuangxi village–Qiansheng Bridge–Chengguan.

Baishuiyang Scenic Spot honored as a best in Fujian province


Baishuiyang Scenic Spot has been selected as the best mountain and lakes scenic spot in Fujian province in the recently released 2013 China (Fujian) Tourism Ranking Chart.

Ningde Mandarin Ducks Creek


Mandarin Ducks Creek - a national scenic spot - is the only reserve for mandarin ducks in China.

Liugong Rock Forest Park


Liugong Rock, also known as Small Taimu, is located at the foot of Xianding Peak in Pingnan county, Ningde city, Fujian Province.

Mandarin Duck Noodles


Residents of Pingnan county first started to make Mandarin Duck Noodles, also known as Kuzhui Noodles, at the end of the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

Pingnan officials focus on public security in 2014


Over 200 officials of the Pingnan public security bureau joined the congress.attended a meeting on Feb 21.