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Pingnan to build first tourism complex in Fujian


Construction on the first tourism complex in east china’s Fujian province got underway recently in Pingnan.

Fujian steps up anti-graft fight


The Party disciplinary watchdog in Fujian province has sent six more investigation teams to four counties and two enterprises amid a heightened corruption crackdown.

Fujian to add 4,200 civil servants


Fujian province will have more than 4,200 civil service jobs open this year..

Fujian 'basically happy' with its hospitals


Provincial health authorities announced on March 19 that the hospitals across Fujian scored 79.2 out of a possible 100 points for their performance last year.

Vice Fujian governor under probe


Xu Gang, vice Fujian governor, has been put under investigation, China's top anti-graft body said on March 20.

Fujian makes Taiwan travel easier


People living in the cities of Fuzhou, Xiamen and Pingtan, in Fujian province, without a permanent residence permit, can now apply for a travel permit and visa to go to Taiwan.

Fujian zone to focus on cross-Straits trade


A recently approved free trade zone in Fujian province will focus on cross-Straits cooperation with Taiwan, according to provincial legislators.

Wang Qishan joins Fujian NPC deputies in discussion


Wang Qishan joins Fujian NPC deputies in discussion during the third session of the 12th NPC, in Beijing, capital of China, March 6, 2015.