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Pingnan product recognized as “famous Chinese brand”

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2014-01-18

The Pingnan Industrial and Commercial Bureau said that the State Industrial and Commercial Bureau conferred the title of “famous Chinese brand” to Fujian Huize Dragon Wine Co on Jan 14.

In recent years, Pingnan county has made great efforts to produce and market various brands with the aim of developing local businesses. The local authorities have conducted promotional campaigns for various brands, and they have also guided various enterprises in their efforts to popularize their products.

The county has also implemented a plan to “boost the development of modern agriculture,” which entitles provincial and agricultural businesses which are named famous brands at the local level to receive a bonus of 50000 yuan ($8249), those at the provincial level will be entitled to a bonus of 100000 yuan, and those at the national level will be entitled to 500000 yuan.

Fujian Huize Dragon Wine Co – which specializes in research in the field of rice wine, production and distribution - is the biggest rice wine company in Fujian province and the first organic wine company in China, covering an area of 120 acres, with investment of 230 million yuan.

Edited by Wang Yifei and Niva Whyman