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Fujian to be better heard

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2015-11-23

China Daily and Fujian Daily will jointly promote Fujian globally, according to a cooperation agreement signed in Fuzhou, Fujian province on Nov 23.

Founded in 1981 as China's only national English-language newspaper, China Daily now has a circulation of almost 900,000 worldwide. It is the only Chinese newspaper that has effectively entered Western mainstream society and is the one most quoted by the foreign press.

Fujian Daily is one of the mainstream media groups in Fujian and is committed to boosting Fujian's popularity. Fujian itself is a key part of the Maritime Silk Road and also stands at the forefront of China's opening-up.

The two sides will share news resources and work together on reports of significant events, with the hope of making Fujian's stories better heard around the world.

Fujian to be better heard

Gao Anming, China Daily's deputy editor-in-chief (Right) and Fujian Daily's editor-in-chief Liang Jianping (Left) sign a cooperation agreement in Fuzhou, Fujian province on Nov 23, with the aim of jointly promoting Fujian globally. [Photo by Yang Jie/chinadaily.com.cn]