Surge in Chinese students studying at Spanish universities

( ) Updated: 2016-06-19 14:33:04

Twenty-two percent of foreign students are Chinese at Complutense University, the second best university in Spain.

As Latin America and China become friendlier, learning Spanish is seen by Chinese students as a valuable skill to get a good job in the future. Further, studying in Spain can actually be cheaper than studying at some prestigious Chinese universities.

In 2007, China and Spain signed the "academic recognition of studies agreement" allowing any university degree from either country to be recognized automatically by both governments. Further, Spain recognizes Chinese university entrance exams.

However, life for Chinese students trying to adapt to a different culture can be tough, especially if their Spanish skills are low when first arriving in Spain.

Complutense University, therefore, set up programs like BUDDY which is a cultural and language exchange involving Spanish students volunteering to help Chinese students.

The program is beneficial not only for the Chinese students, but for the Spanish students to learn about Chinese culture as well.

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