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Survey studies academic conditions of Chinese students in UK

( Updated: 2014-09-09 20:16

Vision Overseas, a consulting company specializing in Chinese students studying abroad, is gathering a team of teachers to travel across the United Kingdom on a fact-finding mission to evaluate the situation of Chinese students in British universities.

Vision Overseas, which is part of the private Chinese educational company New Oriental Education and Technology Group, will start its "exploratory trip" on Sept 27.

The team, led by Vision Overseas CEO Zhou Chenggang, plans to drive through Scotland, Wales and England, stopping at six cities along the way and visiting prestigious institutions such as Cambridge and Oxford universities.

Zhou said that in the hope of bringing more updated information to students and their parents, the team will interview college students who had been studying in Britain.

The institute said that in 2012, 57,344 Chinese students went to the UK to study. It also predicts that the numbers of students studying there could reach 60,000 next year.

He Qingrong, the cooperation department director of New Oriental Education and Technology Group, said that the team will have face-to-face meetings with university administrators and focus on Chinese students' overseas employment condition.

"Although, most members in this team will be experienced teachers, there might be experts from other domains as well. The diversity of our group could examine British universities in different perspectives," He said.

This activity will use the Internet as a communication platform that can share the trip's details with students who are interested in going abroad.

"The main reason that we want to hold this trip is to reveal the real life that students will live in Britain, which probably contains not only happiness but also tough problems," He said.

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