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Xi's whirlwind diplomacy sweeps China to center stage

[2016-01-29 03:56]

Chinese President Xi Jinping's recent visit to the Middle East has put final touches on the country's new diplomatic push and is leading the world's second largest economy back to the world's central stage.

Cartoon Commentary on President Xi's Middle East visit ④: Guiding China and Arab revival

[2016-01-23 22:14]

On Jan 21, accompanied by the Arab League Secretary-General Nabil al-Arabya and Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismai, President Xi Jinping had delivered a keynote address at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo entitled, "Work together for a bright future of China-Arab relations."

China's industrial proposal for Middle East unprecedented: expert

[2016-01-23 06:08]

China's forthcoming industrial investment strategy in the Arab region, outlined by President Xi Jinping when addressing the Arab League in Cairo on Thursday, is an unprecedented economic proposal ever made by a foreign nation in this particular region, experts said.

Chinese president's Middle East tour inaugurates 'community of common destiny'

[2016-01-23 04:25]

Chinese President Xi Jinping's ongoing Middle East tour inaugurates a new phase in Sino-Arab ties featuring "community of common destiny," Sudanese political analysts said Friday.

Xi offers development as 'new path' to resolve Middle East crises

[2016-01-22 16:21]

Experts say that Chinese President Xi Jinping's speech at the Arab League offered development as "a new path" to resolve Middle East crises and promote regional stability.

Sino-Egyptian cooperation has new impetus

[2016-01-22 08:14]

Egypt was the first Arabic and African country to establish diplomatic relations with China and has maintained its traditional friendship for 60 years.

Expats blaze path to greater understanding

[2016-01-22 08:11]

Many Egyptians will be making their livings in China, and using their personal backgrounds to contribute to a more consolidated people-to-people contact.

Nation ready for a more constructive Mideast role

[2016-01-21 08:04]

The Middle East is vital for Beijing not only as a major oil supplier and a potential investment and trade market, but also as a key to the success of its Belt and Road Initiative.

Xi's Mideast visit portrays all-round diplomacy

[2016-01-20 08:15]

President Xi Jinping started his first tour of the Middle East on Tuesday, during which he will visit Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran. After fully assuming the country's leadership in March 2013, Xi has visited many countries, which signify China's increasingly maturing all-round diplomacy. And that is precisely why Xi's visit to the Middle East, which is also his first foreign tour in 2016, has acquired additional importance.

AL chief: 'Beijing can play vital role'

[2016-01-20 08:14]

The visit of President Xi Jinping to the League of Arab States in Cairo is "a very important event", and China's relations with the Arab countries are "ideal," Arab League Secretary-General Nabil al-Araby said in an interview with Xinhua on Monday.

China's engagement in Middle East diplomacy boosts peace efforts

[2016-01-19 21:19]

The visit of President Xi Jinping to Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt will mark a major boost to Beijing's engagement in a region riven by war and political unrest.

China, Middle East face historic opportunities in cooperation

[2016-01-19 17:12]

China and the Middle East face historic opportunities in cooperation as President Xi Jinping embarks on his visit to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran.

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