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Color Revolution no magic potion for Middle East tribulations

[2016-01-19 11:01]

As Chinese President Xi Jinping embarks on a trip set to open a new era of win-win cooperation between his country and the Middle East, the crisis-ridden region is presented with a golden opportunity to blaze a new trail out of its chronic turmoil.

Time to work more closely with Riyadh

[2016-01-19 08:32]

The Middle East, a region of major strategic importance for China, is experiencing the most political and security volatility since World War II.

Fresh Middle East trip broadens path to peace

[2016-01-19 08:26]

We believe China's role in the Middle East will help the region and the world better cope with the issues the region is facing today.

Egyptian scholar: Egyptians hail President Xi's upcoming visit

[2016-01-18 15:00]

I hope that the visit will be the beginning of collaboration in all areas that will benefit the Egyptian and Chinese people.

Deputy FM: Xi's visit to highlight constructive role in Middle East peace

[2016-01-18 17:30]

President Xi Jinping's upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran will highlight China's constructive role in promoting peace and stability in the Middle East, Deputy Foreign Minister Zhang Ming said on Monday.

Time for China to step up its engagement in Middle East

[2016-01-18 13:22]

So many conflicts taking place, so much blood spilled: the Middle East has long been regarded as a graveyard of empires, yet it seems that China is trying to work at least a minor miracle.

Xi's visit to highlight China's presence in Mideast

[2016-01-18 07:50]

President Xi Jinping will embark on a tour of the Middle East on Tuesday during which he will visit Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran.

Policy paper reviews 60 years of China-Arab relations

[2016-01-14 20:07]

A report outlining China's policies towards Arab countries is important for improving the China-Arab relationship, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

New paper points way for Sino-Arab ties

[2016-01-15 05:18]

China's first Arab policy paper, issued on Wednesday, aims to draw a blueprint for future cooperation with the key region, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday as the unexpected report came into public view.

Iran deal makes China upgrade exports

[2015-04-10 08:08]

China should try to raise the quality of its trade with Iran to prevent its enterprises from losing business to their expected competitors in the Iranian market.

Iran deal good for China's economic plans

[2015-08-03 08:07]

As one of the P5 nations, China will face severer challenges when the US turns its attention to the East and doubles its efforts to contain China.

Egypt's capital idea is bold and innovative

[2015-03-22 13:24]

Egypt, determined to rise from the aftermath of 2010's "Arab Spring", has surprised the world by announcing plans for another capital, along the corridor of Cairo to the Suez Canal, as a way of reviving people's aspirations and pride.

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