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Xi's visit changed US attitudes toward relations

( Updated: 2015-10-01 06:10

Xi's visit changed US attitudes toward relations
Li Cheng Provided to China Daily

Li Cheng, director of the John L. Thornton China Center at the Brookings Institution, said that Chinese President Xi Jinping's week-long trip to the United States managed to change the suspicion and pessimism held by Americans toward the Sino-US relationship.

He cited Xi's speech in Seattle to a group of American entrepreneurs as answering concerns that many people have about China's economic prospects and relieving tension over the issue of Internet security.

Li said he believed that China and the US have reached an "important consensus" on Internet security, and that there will be major progress in cooperating on the protection of intellectual property.

At Xi's meeting with Internet industry entrepreneurs in Washington state, important issues such as easier access to the Chinese market were discussed and created a sound atmosphere before Xi's visit to the nation's capital, he said.

Li said the presence of many technology leaders from both countries during Xis visit to Seattle was a symbol of the further opening of China's financial and Internet industries.

He said Xi achieved three aims during his US visit.

First, Xi reiterated that the Sino-US relationship is not a "zero-sum game" and should not lead to conflict. Through his trip, Xi eased the tension that had built up between the two nations over recent months, he said.

Second, the two nations agreed to cooperate extensively and reached some consensus on issues such as the South China Sea dispute and cybersecurity.

Third, the global reputation Xi earned through his US visit will help boost the reforms he is leading in China.

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