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Dashing through the snow and 'letting it all go'

[2015-01-10 07:29]

My mother said I was born on a snowy day, and a snowy winter always promises a good harvest in the coming year. Winter has thus become my favorite season and snow can always cheer me up.

Finding a new love for skiing in Changchun's 'snow battle zones'

[2015-01-10 07:29]

The sign read: "Adults' snow battle zone." It struck me as a funny mistranslation.

Racing through history

[2015-01-10 07:29]

An international competition based on a 500-year-old Swedish folktale comes to Northeast China. He was skiing - for his life.

Discovering beauties on the Silk Road

[2015-01-03 09:13]

Cities along the Silk Road are enormous treasure troves of history, culture, architecture and the arts. As its name suggests silk was the most prized good transported from China to the continents of Europe and Africa.

Back to the beach

[2014-12-27 07:51]

Golden sands, aqua-park fun and a floating bar beckon on Thailand's Koh Samui Island. Nan-Hie In reports in Koh Samui, Thailand.

US' new visa policy fuels boom in visitors

[2014-12-20 07:40]

More Chinese are applying for a United States visa, pushing up the number of outbound tours to the US.

European countries compete for Chinese travelers

[2014-12-20 07:40]

Some European countries have simplified their visa application procedures for Chinese applicants this year, aiming to lure more Chinese travelers.

Qufu, a meditative experience

[2014-12-13 08:02]

Birthplace of Confucius brings visitors a sense of peace and history.

A winter home for migrating birds in Yanqing county

[2014-12-13 08:02]

For bird-watchers, Wild Duck Lake in Yanqing county is one of the best places to have an autumn outing for its various birds and plants, and steady wetland ecology.

Shilinxia offers a scenic escape from busy Beijing

[2014-12-06 09:56]

For those who want a quick getaway from the hustle-and-bustle of Beijing, Shilinxia Scenic Area in Pinggu district is certainly a good choice. It is picturesque, with rocks, gorges, mountains and forests.

Museum of ancient scholars

[2014-12-06 09:23]

Xiuning was the home of many top students during imperial times.

Call to tourists from one of the birthplaces of China

[2014-11-29 06:43]

Being from China, I was a little ashamed that I didn't know Linfen was one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation.

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