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Ethnic treasures of tourism in Qinghai

[2017-09-16 07:35]

If you want sample delicious food, an exotic culture and enjoy picturesque scenery in a less-crowded destination, the Xunhua Salar autonomous county is the place to visit.

Water, fire and stone: Beguiling island of Menorca

[2017-09-16 07:35]

Locals say Menorca can be reduced to three words: water, fire and stone.

Come fly with me - under the sea

[2017-08-26 07:15]

Imagine you've chartered a private plane for a sightseeing trip across a vast, unexplored wilderness.

Village with a difference

[2017-08-19 09:55]

An S-shaped river runs through Chengkan, and it is artificially split into several small canals that pass every home so every one of the 700 homes in the village gets water from the river.

Relocating from 'paradise'

[2017-08-19 09:17]

Shepherds agree to leave their mountain retreat as the government attempts to lift them out of poverty.

The market for sports tourism races ahead in China

[2017-08-05 07:45]

Li Xia has been traveling around to keep up with major marathon events at home and abroad.

Reviving a spirit

[2017-08-05 07:45]

An ancient-looking building cluster appears before us as we set foot in Xinghuacun town in northern China's Shanxi province.

Young men take to wushu in a big way in Burundi

[2017-08-05 07:44]

One late afternoon in July, a burst of shouts of practicing Chinese martial arts (wushu) came out from a primary school and could be heard on a crowded street in Bujumbura, capital of Burundi.

The Grand Canal: A Chinese cultural conduit

[2017-08-05 07:44]

The ancient Chinese built two great engineering wonders: the Great Wall and the Grand Canal. Though the Great Wall's function in military defense has faded over time, the Grand Canal remains a crucial conduit of cultural communication.

When vacationing abroad, tread carefully

[2017-07-29 07:13]

Chinese travel information website Qyer recently unveiled guidelines aimed at encouraging tourists to respect cultural differences and protect the environment when traveling.

New options open for journeying to the West

[2017-07-29 07:13]

Many summer vacationers are taking the Baoji-Lanzhou high-speed trains to explore what western China has to offer.

Is that really a whale beneath Notre Dame?

[2017-07-29 07:13]

A sperm whale appears to have beached on an embankment in the shadow of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

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