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Testino's tips for travel photography

[2015-02-28 08:41]

Testino recently visited New York to promote the project and spoke on the rooftop of the Gramercy Park Hotel about how a destination informs his work and his tips for taking the ideal vacation pictures.

Roughing it in comfort

[2015-02-14 08:04]

It's rustic but not rugged. And that's the way they like it. A growing number of wealthy Chinese are "roughing it" the cushiest way imaginable, discovering wild places in exotic locations on luxury camping trips.

An unexpected stop

[2015-02-07 07:40]

On the day when my cousin and I were scheduled to leave Japan, we took the Centair express from Nagoya city to Centair airport.

36 hours in Nashville, Tennessee

[2015-02-07 07:40]

Country music is alive and well in Nashville; you might even see a young family in broad daylight practicing their line dancing on the sidewalk outside a bar downtown - all in cowboy boots, including the toddler who just learned to walk.

Little Kyoto

[2015-02-07 07:40]

It was my first visit to this region with my cousin. If anything else, Takayama made us fall in love with Japan.

A bargain-hunter's paradise

[2015-01-31 06:52]

Shopping is one of the main reasons why tourists come to Bangkok. Many of the city's malls are connected to BTS skytrain stations, which allow people to escape the heat and humidity.

Shopping mall rises on sweets factory in Moscow

[2015-01-24 06:46]

Established in the mid-19th century as a candy factory, Red October is an industrial complex of red brick buildings spread out on an island on the Moscow River across from the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

Ice lanterns bring chills for capital crowds

[2015-01-24 06:46]

The best ice for sculpting should be formed in the natural environment, the thickness should be above 30 centimeters, and the finished works should be kept at a temperature lower than minus 3 C.

Winter taking shape in Changchun

[2015-01-17 07:10]

A winter wonderland populated by an eclectic cast are sculpted in snow atop the frozen Jingyue Lake for the Changchun Ice and Snow Travel Festival.

Wuxi's wax museum

[2015-01-17 07:10]

Seeing The Hulk at the entrance of PinLa Star Wax Model Producing Pavilion was deja vu - it reminded me of my visit five years ago to the New York Madame Tussauds, the world-renowned wax museum where visitors are also greeted by the green giant.

At a Paris Flea Market, Tips for Treasure Hunters

[2015-01-17 07:10]

St.-Ouen. The name made me shudder. Whenever visitors asked me to take them to that vast set of flea markets just north of the Paris city line, I did my best to divert them elsewhere.

Skiing in Xinjiang with the locals

[2015-01-10 07:29]

It was just before sunset on a winter day and I was standing on top of a small hill in Hemu village in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

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