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Internet woos prospective tourists

[2016-12-10 07:13]

Lin Tingting's gets to travel free and also gets paid in exchange for sharing her travel experience and tips with her fans.

A tale of island getaways

[2016-12-10 10:34]

As the airplane was coming in to land I could not help but say "wow" as I saw numerous different-sized islands of green in the blue Indian Ocean.

Island paradise a popular haunt

[2016-12-10 10:34]

When the Seychelles Tourism Board established its first office in China in 2011, the visitor numbers from the country were 2,120. But by 2015, that number had jumped to more than 13,900.

Volkswagen Group China: helping to build bridges through culture

[2016-12-10 07:14]

In Volkswagen's view, the measure of a company's success in the 21st century goes beyond its annual profit and sales figures.

Island paradise not just for celebrities

[2016-11-19 09:42]

A trip to gorgeous Bora Bora comes with a hefty price tag.

Smart tourism makes travel easier for tourists in China and abroad

[2016-11-19 09:32]

It's easier to travel in the smart tourism era.

Desert wonderland rolls out red carpet

[2016-11-19 09:23]

The United Arab Emirates is pulling out all the stops-including free visas on arrival-to lure Chinese visitors to spend a few days in the region.

Taking the road less traveled

[2016-11-12 11:34]

Hubei now has 11 camping sites and is looking to set up new ones as it strives to become a leader in auto camping site development.

Alberta rolls out the red carpet for winter tourism aficionados

[2016-11-12 11:34]

Alberta is rolling out a slew of winter tourism experiences to woo Chinese visitors.

The camp that redefined luxury

[2016-10-22 07:27]

Tucked away in the remote recesses of the Tibetan Plateau in Gansu province, Norden Camp exists in its own vacuum of serenity.

Taking the high road

[2016-10-22 07:27]

The Sichuan-Tibet route, also known as the G318 national road, has been called China's most beautiful landscaped avenue by China National Geographic.

Search for Shangri-La leads explorers to a philosophical discovery

[2016-10-15 06:44]

Its mystic appeal has long endured, but what and where is Shangri-La Laurence Brahm asked such questions during his first search for the lost mythical kingdom in 2002, but the answers he received were confused. A grand hotel," says one. "Paradise," says another.

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