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In Jordan's spring desert bloom, hints of human history

[2016-05-21 07:59]

For a brief time, Jordan's eastern desert blooms. The dozens of mesas commanding the bleak horizons are now skirted with vegetation.

'Pioneer' commuters turn on the electricity

[2016-05-14 13:18]

Electric scooters help riders escape Mexico City's gridlock, while reducing air pollution.

100th running of the Indy 500: Museum, tours and Main Street

[2016-05-14 11:54]

The museum attracts some 130,000 visitors a year, but museum director Ellen Bireley says only about 25 percent are serious racing fans.

Faster, stronger, higher, higher and higher

[2016-05-14 11:51]

In a scenic spot that literally takes your breath away, the competitive juices run.

In cave graffiti near battle of the somme site, soldiers live on

[2016-05-07 07:41]

3,000 bits of etchings record the presence of soldiers on break from the hell of battle

Thailand makes big effort to lure business travelers

[2016-05-07 07:41]

Thailand has always enjoyed great popularity among Chinese tourists, and the country is now striving to attract more meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions (MICE) visitors from China.

A story from nature

[2016-04-30 11:03]

The iconic French planes in Shanghai are more than just trees-they are an intrinsic part of society that tell the stories of the roads they line.

A holiday that runs rings around the others

[2016-04-23 08:37]

You will have to do the driving, but every morning a magnificent view may await you.

Kings and queens of the road

[2016-04-23 08:37]

A tourist bus pulls up near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Trafalgar Square in London, or any other tourist attraction in Europe you care to name, and troop out a mass of Chinese, with cameras, selfie sticks and UnionPay cards at the ready.

Quirky museums tell the capital's history

[2016-04-09 07:26]

Founders see them as helping preserve cultural legacy.

Rains reveal how ancient people thrived in the desert

[2016-04-09 07:27]

Recent heavy rains caused flash floods across the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, forcing authorities to close the gates of the famed Petra ruins to tourists who were soggy and surly from the downpour.

Footprints in the sand and money in your wallet

[2016-04-09 07:27]

The offerings for those looking for a laid-back holiday are proving to be irresistible

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