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Charms of the county

[2017-07-22 10:03]

Stunning natural scenery, fascinating ethnic culture, patriotic red tourism and its convenient transport links are attracting a growing number of visitors to Libo county

Having fun on the move

[2017-07-22 09:45]

An increasing number of Chinese are now adopting caravanning to enjoy their leisure

UK top draw for Chinese tourists, with visits surging by 30 percent

[2017-07-15 07:11]

The depreciation of the pound is expected to send more Chinese on a shopping spree in the UK.

Making of a playground

[2017-07-15 07:11]

Dancing cartoon characters, screaming visitors on roller coasters, and hospitable service personnel marked the opening day of a new Happy Valley park in Chongqing in southwestern China on July 8.

Silk Road cruise stimulates interest in China

[2017-07-08 07:34]

Bonnie Ender is a veteran cruise traveler.

A historical cultural crossroads makes tracks to the future

[2017-07-08 07:33]

When the Mongolian army swept across Central Asia and into Europe in 1259, it seemed that nobody could stop them from conquering the world, until unexpected news arrived from the east.

Living and working on the water

[2017-07-08 07:34]

The moment Theodore Ribbons opens his mouth he surprises and endears himself to the Chinese. The American from Detroit speaks fluent Chinese and can even do accents from northeastern China.

Unpacking the mystery of wobbly suitcase syndrome

[2017-07-01 09:05]

You are rushing to catch a train or plane and suddenly the suitcase you're pulling starts to rock from wheel to wheel, threatening to flip over.

Big jump in summer outbound trips seen

[2017-06-17 10:41]

Many parents have arranged summer trips as a reward for their children who have just finished their gaokao, also known as the national college entrance exam.

Green paradise

[2017-06-17 10:35]

It is practically a world surrounded by green. And it is cool during our visit in early June, with its green mountains and gurgling rivers covered by a mist.

Holidays on wheels

[2017-06-03 10:39]

Caravanning is gaining fans in China as travelers seek new experiences. Thousands of recreational vehicles were sold last year

Hong Kong rolls out the red carpet for mainland visitors

[2017-06-03 10:05]

Hong Kong has launched a host of special tourism packages to woo mainlanders.

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