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Fishing for investors around West Lake

( Updated: 2015-06-12 12:50

In today's trending, a man fishes for 1 billion yuan in investments around West Lake, a special tree helps forecast the weather, crowd saves crushed granny under bus, and suicidal man saved by water pollution.

Fishing for investors around West Lake

A man was spotted fishing at the West Lake in Hangzhou, wearing signs that seek investment for his company, on Thursday. [Photo/CFP]

Man fishes for investors around lake

On Thursday, a weirdly-dressed man, wearing a straw rain cape and sunglasses, was found fishing at West Lake, a popular tourist site in Hangzhou of East China's Zhejiang, drawing a huge crowd.

It turns out that he is a worker from a local IT company, and was trying to attract investors. He carried a sign on his back to advertize his company, and said he was there "fishing" for a 1 billion yuan investment.

He said his company has innovations that will transform the world, and requires a large investment to make it work. He was persuaded to leave by law enforcement workers in the end.

In our next story, discover a tree that can forecast the weather.

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