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Self-punishment for unfinished task

( Updated: 2015-01-19 11:51

Self-punishment for unfinished task

A bank staffer counts banknotes in an undated file photo.

2.5m yuan bank saving goes missing

Without any information in any form, money disappeared from a bank. A man who had saved 2.5 million yuan ($400,000) at a bank in Zhejiang province by end of 2013 recently found out that only 4 yuan remained in his account, National Business Daily reported.

The man surnamed Liu from Yiwu city deposited 2.5 million yuan at a national bank in Fenghua city. The savings earned him a 10 percent interests, 250,000 yuan.

Bank insiders said the man's money may had come to unqualified companies, who were not allowed to get certain amount of loans but got it anyway. In this case, the money will be transferred to the company and can't be reflected in the account if the company fails to refund on time.

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