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Self-punishment for unfinished task

( Updated: 2015-01-19 11:51
Self-punishment for unfinished task

Driver stuck somebody else's ticket on his vehicle. [Photo/Qianjiang Evening News]

Driver grabs other's ticket

It is hard to imagine how creative people can be when they try to avoid being served a ticket. A man drove a car and parked it near a square on a no-parking area in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, reported Qianjiang Evening News on Sunday.

He surely would have received a ticket if he had just left. However, he was fully aware of that. He ripped off the ticket that a neighbored car already got and stuck onto his own car. He created a false impression that his car has already been ticketed.

It looks like quite a smart move except his whole performance was caught on a surveillance camera. The traffic police showed up and wrote out a ticket for him.

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