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Trending: Library welcomes the homeless

( Updated: 2014-11-25 11:57

Hangzhou library gives warm welcome to the homeless, and hacked web posting backs lovesick student.

Trending: Library welcomes the homeless

The 84-year-old grandmother cries in hospital, saying she wants to go home.[Photo/CFP]

Granny used as bargaining chip

A man drove his 84-year-old grandmother from Luohe city in central Henan province to Zhengzhou, leaving her at a 4S dealership for three days in a bid to force the store to repair his problematic car, Dahe Daily reported.

According to the dealership manager, the man bought the car in Feb and claimed earlier this month that it was damaged after bursting into flames. The store asked for 15 working days to assess the claim.

The old lady was first transferred from the store to a police station and then to hospital saying she only wanted to go home.

Trending: Library welcomes the homeless

The damaged car is parked outside the 4s store. [Photo/CFP]

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