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Trending: Boy expelled for unruly hair

( Updated: 2014-09-25 16:45

Rescuer rebuffed by suicidal woman, 'improper hairstyle' sees boy expelled and marriage gold-digger ends up with nothing

Woman's marriage plan backfires

A woman hoping to make a fortune through a sham marriage found her plan come to naught, reported.

The middle-aged woman from Ningbo, Zhejiang province was told last year that a rural man was seeking a fake marriage because it would bring him extra compensation when his house was demolished. The woman has still not received a penny more than a year after their marriage. When the woman brought a lawsuit, the court heard she did not even know her husband's address.

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Trending: Boy expelled for unruly hair

Trending: Boy expelled for unruly hair

School gets 'congrats' from elite universities

Oxford and Cambridge were among the world's top universities to send "congratulations" to a vocational school in Guizhou province in celebration of its new campus, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported.

The school's entrance was decorated with banners from nine of the world's best-known universities on the day the new campus was opened, which turned out to be a stunt the school created to promote itself.


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Trending: Boy expelled for unruly hair

Trending: Boy expelled for unruly hair

Elderly pole dancers cause subway stir

Travelers were stunned to see a group of senior citizens pole dancing in a Kunming subway car, reported.

The story said a woman wearing a purple coat started the dancing and passengers took photographs or films. A spokesman for Kunming Railway Transportation Group said pole dancing on public transportation isn't encouraged for safety reasons.

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Trending: Boy expelled for unruly hair

Trending: Boy expelled for unruly hair

Boy expelled for unruly hair
A student in Chongqing was expelled from school for having an improper hairstyle, the Chongqing Evening News reported.
According to school rules, a boy's hair should not "cover his eyebrows, ears and neck; and a bald head is forbidden", a standard the boy had not met. His family filed a lawsuit against the school but lost the case.

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Trending: Boy expelled for unruly hair

Ungrateful woman scolds savior

A woman prevented from committing suicide by police hurled harsh words at her life saver, Dahe Daily reported. After being pulled back from the guardrail from which she attempted to jump into a river, the ungrateful woman took her rescuer by surprise, saying "its' none of your business."

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