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Restorers revive ancient books

By Li Xiaoxu ( Updated: 2016-01-28 17:24

Restorers revive ancient books

A staff member of the Gansu Ancient Books Restoration Center studies the calligraphy of ancient books.[Photo/]

As a country with such a long history, China is home to numerous ancient books. The arduous task of restoring and preserving these old tomes falls upon the staff members at Gansu Ancient Book Restoration Center.

When restoring an ancient book the staff must act as if they are doctors, applying their honed techniques with surgeon-like precision to ensure these books are not lost to history.

Restorers revive ancient books

Experts of the Gansu Ancient Books Restoration Center try to find ways of restoring an ancient text. [Photo/]

Gansu Ancient Book Restoration Center was officially opened in 2015, as a center approved by the National Ancient Book Conservation Center. It specializes in dealing with the factors that affect books overtime, such as rotting, worms, rats and humidity.

Restoring ancient books helps to preserve the past and protect China's long cultural heritage and bring it back to life.

Restorers revive ancient books

Staff members of Gansu Ancient Books Restoration Center concentrate on restoring ancient books. [Photo/]

Staff members of Gansu Ancient Books Restoration Center are required to have a great knowledge of paper, bookbinding, chemistry and ancient Chinese.

Restoring a book need days of efforts and involves dozens of work procedures, with every step requiring great patience and concentration, said a restoration specialist.

Gansu province is a historic province stretching along ancient Silk Road, westward from Northwest China to Central and West Asia and Europe. The province boasts plentiful historical sites and cultural heritage, such as Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, a collection of Buddhist sculptures and frescos.

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