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OIV director general sees leader role for region in organization

By Jean-Marie Auran (China Daily) Updated: 2015-06-11 07:56

It is a great privilege and honor for me, as director general of the OIV to take part in this important event.

As I promised last year when I met representatives of Ningxia in Argentina, I came to Ningxia, and am happy to deliver some words at this opening ceremony.

The OIV is proud to be associated with this event, Sitevinitech China 2015 at the Yinchuan International Expo Center.

It is one of the most professional winemaking, winemaking products and services, fruit growing and vegetable farming exhibitions in China.

Serving as one of the most influential and essential information exchange platforms, Sitevinitech China 2015 will have forums presented by international and domestic industry figures. Speakers include Professor Ma Huiqin from China Agriculture University and Professor Li Demei from Beijing Agriculture University, who are already well known as experts by the OIV.

For more than 25 years, the OIV has undertaken a strong relationship with provinces and regions in China, and we have followed and supported the evolution of the wine sector in China.

The OIV has also developed a relationship with authoritative bodies and administrations in order to help in the development of the vine and wine sector, and Ningxia has appeared as a leader region that obtained observer status within the OIV in 2012.

OIV director general sees leader role for region in organization

In 2014, China became the second-largest world vine area with 799,000 hectares, after Spain and before France, and is ranked fifth in the world for wine consumers, with 7 percent of the wine consumed in the world.

China is also the sixth world wine importer with 460 million liters with a value of 1.15 billion euros ($1.3 billion).

During the visit of the OIV president two years ago, the president of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, Liu Hui, expressed clearly the wish of Ningxia to support the accession of China to the OIV.

She underlined that Ningxia is the first provincial region of China with observer status in the OIV and is the only region that has established regulations for the wine sector in order to reach international standards.

I'm convinced that the actions engaged to promote and enhance the East Foot of Helan Mountain wines in order to develop wine regulations, wine tourism and international partnerships could help to give the Ningxia wine region a leader role in future Chinese representation in the OIV.

As OIV director, I wish to present the warmest congratulations of our member states of our intergovernmental institution and wish you great success for Sitevinitech China 2015.

(China Daily 06/11/2015 page7)

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