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Discover Shanxi Trip

Updated: 2015-01-15 15:38

Discover Shanxi Trip


   Join us on a trip to discover Chinese traditional culture in Shanxi


    Have you ever been to Shanxi province in north China?

    Would you like to see for yourself the different cultures in the province?

    Do you want to explore the Yellow River culture of China?


    Shanxi is regarded as an important cradle of Chinese civilization and has been described by experts as the place of origin of ancient China.

    It boasts the magnificent Taihang Mountains, the Yellow River that nurtured the millennia-old Chinese civilization, Mount Wutai, which is regarded as one of the four holy mountains by Chinese Buddhists, the Yungang Grottoes that were carved about 1,600 years ago and the ancient town of Pingyao — one of the four best preserved old towns in the country.

    The scenery and history of Shanxi rarely fail to amaze visitors. People can witness the grandeur and luxury of the noble tombs of the ancient Jin Kingdom, which dates back 3,000 years. They can also marvel at a traditional Chinese town built about 600 years ago.

    This is Shanxi — a historically rich, mysterious and fascinating place and a province that is only 500 kilometers away from the capital Beijing.

    If you are interested in all that was mentioned above, we are offering you a rare opportunity —a free trip to Shanxi!



    All accommodation, food, transport and entry tickets for scenic spots will be paid for by China Daily. Travel insurance and all other incidental costs (such as extra nights, international telephone calls and faxes, business center services, room service, laundry and mini-bar charges of the hotel) will not be covered by China Daily. 


    Application requirements

    1. Foreigners (fluent in English).

    2. Good at writing and/or photography.

    3. Knowledge of Chinese culture and Chinese ancient architecture is a bonus.

    4. Published articles or photographs in the media or social networks are preferred.


    Time and place of trip

    May 25 to 29, 2015 – Trip of Taihang Mountains in Shanxi province.

    July, 2015(The specific time to be determined) - Trip of the three major heritages in Shanxi province.

    September, 2015(The specific time to be determined) – Trip of Yellow River in Shanxi province.

    (A detailed schedule will be released to participants.)


    Application deadline

    May 15, 2015


    How to apply

    1.Please download the RSVP form and send it back to:, with all your personal information. We will not share your personal information with any third party.

    2. Submitted photographs must not be digitally edited, but cropping is allowed. The photos you submit are ONLY for the selection process and will not be published in any form.

    We also encourage applicants to write briefly about their motivation for joining the trip and their expectations.

    We hope that those selected to join us will write articles and take as many photos as possible, as we would like to publish them. (China Daily will have first refusal on any work produced during the trip.)

    We hope that you will post the photographs or comments of your feelings about “beautiful Shanxi” on social network platforms.


















    1、 在华外籍特约撰稿人(生活在北京优先);

    2、 良好的写作功底、较高的摄影水平、较大的社交网络影响力;

    3、 了解中国历史和文化,对中国古代建筑感兴趣;

    4、 在有一定影响力的纸质媒体或网络媒体发表过作品优先。












    1. 请点击下载PDF表格(RSVP form.pdf),填写你的个人详细信息,包括姓名、联系方式、目前住址、曾发表作品等,并发至以下邮箱。中国日报社将不会像任何其他第三方披露该信息。

    2. 你提供的发表作品仅为本次活动挑选参选者参考资料,不会以任何形式用于其他商业用途。候选者提交的摄影作品可裁切,不可进行数码编辑。







Discover Shanxi Trip



Discover Shanxi Trip



Discover Shanxi Trip



Discover Shanxi Trip



Discover Shanxi Trip



Discover Shanxi Trip



Discover Shanxi Trip

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