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PoW camp exhibition strikes a chord with UK residents

[2015-11-10 19:15]

"History should not be forgotten, we should let more young people know the history of war," said Bill Evans, an ex-British Army soldier, when visiting a PoW-themed exhibition in Liverpool on Sunday.

Shenyang Prisoner of War Exhibition Opens in Historic Liverpool Venue

[2015-11-07 20:15]

An exhibition curated by the Shenyang World War II Prisoners of War Camp Museum opened its door to the public in the historic UK port city of Liverpool today, part of the UK-China Year of Culture.

Hope in the darkness

[2015-10-30 07:33]

Just over 70 years ago, a heavily laden United States Air Force B-24 Liberator bomber droned through the skies over Mukden, the former capital of Manchuria, which was still under the control of Japanese occupation forces. The war had ended with Japan's capitulation a few days before.

Plight of 'forgotten camp' POWs recalled

[2015-10-06 08:29]

The underground catacombs of one of Britain's most iconic buildings are to offer a rare chance to relive the dark days of one of the most notorious Japanese prisoner of war camps in China. Liverpool's St. George's Hall is to host a photographic exhibition highlighting the Shenyang World War II Allied Prisoners Camp, originally known as Mukden POW Camp.

The most elite POW camp in the world

[2015-05-06 07:53]

Northeast China played host to some of the highest-ranked Allied officers and civilian officials during the years leading up to the end of World War II. However, none of them were there of their own volition. Instead, they were being held by the Japanese.

Behind the doors of 'oriental Auschwitz'

[2014-08-29 09:51]

Museum sheds light on brutality and inhumanity of Shenyang concentration camp

Historians reveal Asian POW camp atrocities

[2014-08-29 09:51]

Concentration camp serves as a warning to avoid history repeating itself

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