Virtual Van Gogh

By Deng Zhangyu ( China Daily ) Updated: 2015-08-11 07:51:32

Virtual Van Gogh

Van Gogh's painting

Lam says one of his friends has maintained a 20-year relationship with the museum, adding that he bought 1,850 3-D replicas of the artist's works created by the museum last year.

"The show is like a 4-D show. You can see with your eyes, touch with your hands and smell with your nose. Very impressive, even when I saw just a short video clip of it," says Lam.

Visitors will see crows flying over their heads into Van Gogh's painting Wheatfield with Crows, says Lam.

The room Van Gogh worked in will also be presented in its original size.

Meanwhile, Donszelmann says there are talks about bringing Van Gogh originals to China. Last year, the Amsterdam museum made a proposal to a couple of Chinese museums, including the National Museum of China. The plan was to bring 20 of the master's works to China, but the National Museum of China expected a bigger show consisting of at least 50 original pieces, so the idea never took off then.

"There will be a show of original works in China," says Donszelmann. "Many Chinese museums, both national-level museums and private ones, are actively asking for our cooperation. But I can't mention the specific year and the partner right now," he adds.

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