Global cinema gurus champion short films

By Li Hongrui ( ) Updated: 2016-06-08 17:11:05

Global cinema gurus champion short films

A shot of the participants at the discussion on Chinese commercial films and art films at Heyi Film, Beijing, June 7, 2016. [Photo provided to]

Zhou spoke of a series of Canadian short films he once watched on a Canadian flight. He believes the Internet is a better platform for short films. Due to its wide spread, people can use their brief time on a bus or subway to watch a short film on their phones or pads.

Yet, in Zhou's mind, if combined short films were played in a cinema, they may not look promising, compared to feature films. He said because they're pieced together, short films lack dramatic tension, which would make it difficult to attract audiences.

Liu said the short films project aimed to provide a good living environment for short films through "Subscription Video on Demand" (SVOD) on the Internet. He also wants to find more new talent through such films. On the difference of commercial films and art films, Roth said the budget was the crucial line between these two genres, while low-budget art films can help independent directors to make use of limited resources to tell a story.

"I think the line between commercial films and art films has always been blurred. For me, the line is whether you want to express yourself or your primary goal is to please audiences," Zhou said.

"When introducing films to audiences, as a Chinese director Gu Changwei said, 'drama' is a better word to replace art films. Because art films will remind people of experimental and personal productions and will turn them away. Drama still tries to tell stories and looks more attractive and approachable, yet there is no such a proper translation of the word 'drama' in Chinese language."

Zhou said it was still difficult to combine art films and commercial films, despite the blurriness. The Chinese film industry is still in its infant stage and audiences prefer more entertaining films.

In his view, nice films must be a combination of good quality and mass appeal.

Roth also spoke about what he wished for film making.

"I think quality of writing for a film is more important, rather than genre. Ideas are also very important. And what a director should value the most is the one he is doing now, for it may become the best works," he said.

He expected the scene of his film could be the very scene from his mind.

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