Chinese characters and words of 2015 released

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Chinese characters and words of 2015 released

A poster of annual Chinese character and word voting. [File photo]

China released its annual characters and words of 2015 on Monday, with 廉(incorruptibility) and 互联网+(Internet Plus) winning out among the candidate characters and words.

The annual character on Chinese issues goes to 廉(incorruptibility), the annual character on international issues goes to 恐(terrorism or dread). 互联网+(Internet Plus) was selected as the annual word on Chinese issues while 反恐(anti-terrorism) became the annual word on international issues.

Meanwhile, the Buzz Word of the Year, the New Word of the Year, and the Cyber Word of the Year were also released.

The top 10 Buzz Words of the Year include 抗日战争胜利70周年(70th anniversary of the victory over the War of Resistance against the Japanese Aggression), 互联网+(Internet Plus), 难民(refugee), 亚投行(AIIB), 习马会(the meeting between Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou), 巴黎恐怖袭击事件(Paris attack), 屠呦呦 (Tu Youyou), 四个全面(Four Comprehensives), 大众创业、万众创新(Encourage people to do business creatively and drive innovation), 互联互通、共享共治 (An interconnected world shared and governed by all).

The top 10 New Words of the Year go to 互联网+(Internet Plus), 众创空间(Hackerspace), 获得感(sense of gain), 非首都功能(non-capital functions), 网约车(Internet car), 红通(red notice), 小短假(little short holiday), 阅兵蓝(parade blue),人民币入篮(Chinese currency joining the SDR basket), 一照一码(one code for one license).

The top 10 Cyber Words of the Year are 重要的事情说三遍(Important things cannot be repeated too much), 世界那么大,我想去看看(The world is big and I want to see it), 你们城里人真会玩儿(We can't understand you townies' behaviors), 为国护盘(For the country to support the market), 明明可以靠脸吃饭,却偏偏要靠才华(She could have earned a living with face, but instead, she uses her talent), 我想静静(Leave me alone), 吓死宝宝了(I wasn't born yesterday, but you scared me to death), 内心几乎是崩溃的(I lost my control, in my heart), 我妈是我妈(Prove that my mom is my mom), 主要看气质(Focus on the aura).

Co-hosted by the National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center, the Commercial Press, People's Daily Online and CCTV, the candidates for the words of the year have been published on People's Daily Online in an online poll since Dec 11.


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