Chinese and Russian choirs commemorate WW2 victory

( CNTV ) Updated: 2015-08-11 11:34:25

It was a stirring commemoration of neighboring countries allied against Fascism in World World Two. With a chorus of Red-Army war heroes, and a Chinese choir performing 'Yellow River Cantata', a concert at Moscow's Museum of the Great Patriotic War marked the conflict's conclusion in rousing fashion.

This choir, from Yueyang in Hunan Province, opened the night with their favourite number, "A Love Song to Yueyang Tower".

But it was the Russian patriotic songs, translated into Chinese, that most tugged on Russian heartstrings - among them "Katyusha" and "The Hawthorn Tree".

These translated versions were crucial in rallying the spirits of Chinese people resisting Japanese invaders in World War Two, and have had a great cultural impact ever since.

One of the most inspiring moments came when an amateur choir of overseas Chinese living in Moscow performed "Yellow River Cantata", Chapters 6 and 7 - also known as "Defending the Yellow River". It's one of the best-known choral works in China, but also widely recognized by Russian audiences.

Another rallying cry came from a-hundred-and-twenty Red-Army war heroes - mostly in their 80's - of Russia's Choir of Veterans of War & Labor.

The concert was one in a series of events held since May to celebrate the 70th anniversary of victory in World War II. China's own celebrations will culminate in a military parade in Beijing on September the 3rd.

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