Irish Wave: A conversation on war

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The visual exhibition, Irish Wave, launched its sixth annual show at the Dong Yue Art Museum in Beijing at the end of March. With the theme "A meditation in time of war", the display commemorates the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII and the 150th birthday of William Butler Yeats, the well-known Irish poet.

The exhibition is a perfect combination of artistic visual works from Ireland, Northern Ireland and different parts of China and explores the difficult legacy of conflict across cultures and timelines in a range of media. Conflicts and compromises, loss and love, death and desire, hatred and hope - the show creates a time and space for people to think about and to feel the deeper meaning of the art.

Let's walk into this meditation together with the artists and grasp a poetic thought on war and life.

Reporter: He Keyao

Video photographer: Yu Yao

Editor: Yu Yao

Subtitles: Zhang Xingjian(Intern)


Irish Wave: A conversation on war

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