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New food bank opens in Shanghai

( Updated: 2016-10-11 19:48


A new kind of food bank that aids disadvantaged groups in China has debuted in a community in Shanghai.

Unlike similar facilities opened in Shanghai previously, the Green Changshou Community Food Bank's Puxiong branch has a refrigerator to store yogurt, rice cakes, canned food and other snacks that residents can pick up for free.

According to a notice at the bank, excess food from farmlands, food manufacturers, retailers and individuals are collected, transported and stored in the facility before being distributed to needy people.

However, community officials told China Daily that all the food stored in the refrigerator have been donated by nearby supermarkets and restaurants. Officials also said that individual donations are not accepted as part of measures to ensure food safety.

There are also clear signs on the refrigerator stating that the food is free, that they should be consumed before their expiration dates, and that residents should only utilize them according to their needs in order to avoid wastage.

On Oct 11, community residents, mostly elderly people, were seen arriving at the depot and they could collect food from the facility after signing on receipt notes.

The world's first food bank was established in the US in 1967. Thousands of others have since been set up all over the world.

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