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Bridesmaid's death from drinking too much alcohol stirs controversy

By Chen Ziyan ( Updated: 2016-09-13 13:45

Bridesmaid's death from drinking too much alcohol stirs controversy

The recent death of a 28-year-old bridesmaid in Wenchang, Hainan province, from being forced to drink too much alcohol at a wedding banquet has stirred up public debate, the reported on Monday.

A video clip widely circulating on Chinese social-media sites shows the woman in a black dress being egged on into drinking baijiu at the ceremony. In the video, she later appears to lose consciousness, and is rushed to local hospital. Unfortunately, the emergency department fails to resuscitate her.

A preliminary investigation by local police shows the woman died after consuming too much alcohol, which caused vomiting and choked her to death.

According to the report, the family of the bridesmaid and the newlyweds are negotiating the liability and related compensation issues.

The incident has become a controversial topic on the internet over wedding traditions, as well as who should be held responsible for her death.

In China, drinking baijiu is usually considered an important part of social ritual, especially in business dinners and wedding banquets. But sometimes it just goes too far as the guests have to follow the hosts' orders no matter how reluctant they are.

And this also puts too much social pressure on women as many men start crossing the borders in physical contacts, using indelicate language and forced drinking.

While some internet users said those who forced the bridesmaid should take full responsibility as they pushed her, others believed the woman should also be blamed as she was an adult and could have chosen not to drink.

Ma Wenbin, a lawyer in Shanghai, said if it's a confirmed case of alcohol poisoning, the bridesmaid and the person who forced her to drink, as well as the hosts should share the responsibility together, in which the bridesmaid should bear main responsibility as she was an adult.

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