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Fate of lovers destined 20 years ago

By Ma Chi ( Updated: 2016-06-13 16:27

Fate of lovers destined 20 years ago

Newly-weds Wang Ming (boy in blue) and Zhu Haiyan (girl in pink) appear in the same photo taken 20 years ago. [Photo/]

A couple found that their fate was tied together in a photo taken 20 years ago, reported on Monday.

25-year-old Wang Ming is a retired soldier in Lushi county in Central China's Henan province. In 2011, Wang was introduced to Zhu Haiyan who works at a local dentist's clinic, and the two became good friends.

What brought the two closer later is an old photo.

One day, Wang and Zhu talked about interesting memories from their childhood at Zhu's home. Then, a photo from one of Zhu's albums taken at a wedding ceremony 20 years ago caught Wang's eye.

"The moment I laid my eyes on the photo, I was totally surprised. The boy in the photo looked just like me," Wang said.

The photo was taken at a wedding ceremony held in 1996. In the photo, a groom and a bride walk on the street with relatives and friends around them. On the right corner of the photo, a boy and a girl are looking curiously at the newly-weds as they walk.

Wang took a picture of the photo and brought it to his family. After his family had examined it, it was confirmed that the boy in the photo was Wang Ming.

"We did not know each other before we were introduced to each other. How could we turn up in the same photo? Unbelievable." Wang said.

The special photo seemed to convince them their love had been predestined. The two's relationship deepened and five years after they met each other, they married.

"The appearance of this photo helps us cherish our relationship more, and I think we will be together for the rest of our life," Zhu beams.

Fate of lovers destined 20 years ago

Wang Ming (R) and Zhu Haiyan (L) in a wedding photo. [Photo/]

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