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Yearender 2015: Ten most talked-about newsmakers

( Updated: 2015-12-31 06:36
Yearender 2015: Ten most talked-about newsmakers

China's Ning Zetao celebrates after winning the men's 100m freestyle final at the World Championships in Kazan, Russia, Aug 6, 2015. [Xinhua/photo]

Hero: Ning Zetao

Ning Zetao won the men's 100-meter freestyle final in 47.84 seconds at the world championships in Kazan, Russia, on Aug 6. The 22-year-old became the first man from Asia to win a medal of any color in the blue-ribbon 100 free at the worlds since 1973. He is expected to win a medal at the Rio Olympics 2016.

Ning has been one of the most famous athletes in China with a growing list of endorsements. Many urged him to cash in on his good looks by moving into the entertainment business.