China / Sichuan-Tibet Highway

Sichuan-Tibet, Qinghai-Tibet reporting tour ends

[2014-10-25 10:06]

An official reporting tour to document the lives of the people who live along the Sichuan-Tibet and the Qinghai-Tibet highways has come to an end in Lhasa, the Tibet autonomous region on Friday.

Tibetan town targets global tourists

[2014-10-23 17:20]

A scenic spot in Nyingchi, with rich natural tourism resources including snowy mountains, lakes and beautiful landscapes, positions itself as an international tourism destination and is expected to open to tourists in 2016.

A lifeline to Tibet’s Medog county

[2014-10-21 16:42]

Medog county, a small town in the Tibet autonomous region with a population of 11,000, was China's last county without a highway link until a vital roadway–the Medog Highway–was opened in October 2013.

Martyrs Memorial

[2014-10-20 21:41]

This photo taken on Oct 20 shows the monument of ten martyrs who died after being buried in a sudden landslide, while cleaning mudslideson Layue Mountain along 318 State Highway, or the South Line of Sichuan-Tibet Highway, on Aug 29, 1967. The then central government branded the soldiers "ten heroes along Sichuan-Tibet Highway" on Feb 20, 1969. The ten soldiers were from a transportation regiment to transport military material to Tibet.

Tibet village takes new turn after roadwork

[2014-10-20 15:51]

Spotting an opportunity after sections of the 318 State Highway turned from bumpy dirt patch to asphalt road, Khenrab Tashi, a villager in Kese village in Changdu of Tibet autonomous region, launched a transportation business with his fellow villagers in 2009.

Tough life of China's high maintenance team

[2014-10-17 18:15]

The fifth road maintenance team under Dege County Road Management Bureau is located along the 317 State Highway on a 4,889-meter mountain slope on Que'er Mountain.

Sichuan-Tibet Highway reinvigorates tourism in far-off county

[2014-10-15 17:52]

The construction, renovation and expansion of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, or 318 State Highway, has brought business opportunities and improved the lives of to a mountainous county in a Tibetan-inhabited area of Southwest China's Sichuan province.

Sichuan-Tibet Highway boosts tourism in remote village

[2014-10-14 18:33]

Sichuan-Tibet Highway boosts tourism in remote mountainous village

New tunnel will ease traffic flow in Sichuan

[2014-10-14 15:16]

The first highway in Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture is expected to be complete in 2018 and reduce the traveling time from Ya'an to Kangding to two hours from the current four.

Transport regiment dedicated to highway services

[2014-10-12 10:53]

"Building the Sichuan-Tibet Highway in the 1950s claimed lives of 227 soldiers of our own regiment," said Guo Hong, a publicity official at a Sichuan-based transport regiment.

Sichuan-Tibet Highway marks 60 years

[2014-10-11 11:10]

Reporters from ten Chinese mainland and Hong Kong websites are embarking on a journey to Lhasa on Sichuan-Tibet Highway, reporting on livelihoods in cities and towns along the route and surveying possible benefits the overland road has brought to local people.

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