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China fireworks plant blast: 5 officials sacked

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-09-24 15:51

CHANGSHA - Five officials in Central China's Hunan province have been removed from their posts following a deadly fireworks plant explosion this week.

China fireworks plant blast: 5 officials sacked

Watchdog chief points to safety challenges 

The blast ripped through the Nanyang Export Fireworks Factory in Pukou town of Liling city on Monday afternoon, leaving 13 workers dead and one missing. Another 33, including three passersby, were injured.

The sacked officials are a vice governor of Liling, the Party chief and the governor of Pukou town, and two officials with the Liling municipal work safety department.

Further officials may be punished following an investigation, local authorities said on Wednesday.

The Hunan provincial government on Tuesday set up a work team to conduct a thorough investigation.

Xia Xuexiang, the legal representative of the licensed fireworks plant, has been detained by police.

Liling city is a major production base for fireworks, which play a major role in traditional festival celebrations like the Chinese Lunar New Year.

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