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Air show will showcase female fighter pilots

By Zhao Lei ( Updated: 2014-09-16 15:12

China's first group of female fighter jet pilots will debut at a coming air show where they will perform aerobatics, said a spokesman for the Chinese air force.

The female pilots will fly J-10 fighter jets, one of the country's most advanced military aircraft, during the 10th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, commonly known as Airshow China, in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, from Nov 11 through 16, Colonel Shen Jinke said at a news conference on the air show on Tuesday.

He did not give further details about the pilots' identities.

The air show, which has been held in Zhuhai in every even-numbered year since 1996, is the biggest aviation and defense products exhibition in China and is sponsored by the central government and the People's Liberation Army.

This year's event will feature the nation's latest achievements in aviation and defense technology, the organizing committee said in a statement, noting that more than 30 aircraft developed by the Aviation Industry Corp of China, the country's leading aircraft maker, are set to take part.

The ARJ21-700, China's cutting-edge regional jetliner that will soon be delivered to buyers, will also be flown, the statement added.


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