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China honors carrier-based aircraft test pilot

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-09-01 21:08

BEIJING - A meeting to honor navy aviation officer Dai Mingmeng as a "Heroic Test Pilot," for his outstanding performances as a carrier-based aircraft test pilot was held by the Central Military Commission (CMC) on Monday.

Dai was among the first batch of test pilots for China's carrier-based aircraft. He took the lead in dangerous test flight programs and was the first to manage a ski-jump takeoff and landing with the help of arresting wires, expanding the country's fixed-wing aircraft from land-based to carrier-based operations.

Ski-jump refers to aircraft running along a ramp that is curved upwards for takeoff.

Navy commander Wu Shengli, who is also a CMC member, awarded Dai the medal and certificate under a commendation order signed by Chinese President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping.

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